Risk-free recruitment for strategic roles

This service solution makes sure that your core positions are quickly taken by the highest calibre of talent. You don't have to stress about struggling to fill vital roles. Your business will benefit from significantly smoother running projects, and the power to drive forward growth.

For many employers, the traditional and pedestrian model takes up too much time and resource. It also lacks effective results, especially for strategic roles. Our guaranteed solution puts technology and marketing at the forefront to secure top talent when it matters.

Traditional recruitment costs time and money. More often than not, it also fails to secure the strategic management and engineering professionals you so badly need.

That’s where our Guaranteed Solution comes in. Its premium abilities give you the assurance you need that strategic roles will be filled – and with the highest quality of talent. You can forget about the typical time, risk and effort of recruiting for these roles, and drive forward your business instead.

How is this possible? We ensure:

Guarantee-based fees

We’ve created innovative fee structures. They’re linked to retention and performance. You’ll experience 100% risk-free recruitment, with service level agreements at every stage.

Plus, there are different cost options available, so you can manage your cash flow effectively.

Talent attraction

Utilising top industry experts, you’ll have peace of mind that there will be no trouble drawing in the right talent. We have a 24/7 candidate nurturing platform to attract the best in market – not the best on market.

Our team ensure a brand and employee value alignment, and there are also employer-branded microsites available.

Proven scientific selection

We use science to guarantee the very best results. These include conducting technical and psychometric testing, as well as salary benchmarking.

Best in class professional referencing is performed, and we have an innovative video interviewing and short-list platform that ensures the process is as quick as possible.

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