What our candidates say...

It is our specialist knowledge and long-term commitment to seeing our candidates continue to grow that sets us apart from other recruitment consultancies.

Since our formation in 2006, the team at James Gray Recruitment have placed hundreds of happy candidates by having their best interests at heart, ensuring they have the best experience.

We have selected a few that we believe truly represent our service and commitment to our candidates:

Yaseen Waseem, Business Owner

I have recieved much success and built great long standing business relationships with the contacts provided to me by James Gray Recruitment

I would like to thank Mario and his team at James Gray Recruitment for providing me with good support particularly at the start of my business career in establishing clients and forwarding the company name as a reliable DSM solutions provider. I have received much success and built great long-standing business relationships with the contacts provided to me by James Gray Recruitment. I genuinely believe that without the opportunities presented by James Gray, then my company would have struggled to establish itself as well as it has.

Dave King, Quantity Surveyor

The most professional recruitment firm I've dealt with

It has been so good dealing with James Gray. I've spoken to many recruitment firms and I can say James Gray has been very, very helpful and the most professional that I've dealt with. They kept in touch to ensure nothing else was required on my part and explained all queries and questions that I had.

Robyn McMahon, CAD Technician

They gave me guidance on what I was nervous about.

James Gray Recruitment knew exactly what I was looking for. The process didn't really waste my time compared to other recruiters who message a lot on Linkedin about opportunities, which only ticks on or two of my boxes. They know quite a lot about what it is we do instead of just general recruitment chat. There was definetely a lot of communication in the whole process, not waiting thinking when am I going to get this call or feedback, it made a bit easier when you're transitioning from another job, a lot easier to plan. James Gray helped me with what I was going to say to my current employer, handing in my notice, giving me guidance on what I was nervous about.

Dan Thompson, Civil/structural technician

They have made me indescribably happier

JI felt like I had become a bit stagnant and I needed to make a change. James Gray put all options on the table for me and showed some avenues that I could go down, all linked to my experience in what I do. I got a better idea of what was going on in the market and I got more of an understanding of where my skills could become more useful. Before my interview, I was informed of exactly what would be happening. James Gray stayed in my corner, which was appreciated. I’m indescribably happier than I was a few weeks ago.

Neil Heatherwick, Quantity Surveyor

They thought of everything, even the correct clothes to wear

I felt that my salary could have been better and I wanted more responsibility. James Gray advised me of some roles and different pay scales. The advice and support was always there, even when I’m not looking to move. James Gray were able to tell me things and I didn’t realise were pertinent and relevant to the market place.. They had a wealth of knowledge about the various sectors of construction and the requirements to fill the roles within these sectors. I was advised on simple things like dress code. It’s something I didn’t think of myself, but after one interview they actually called me in on the fact that I was dressed appropriately. Everything was relayed to me in very simple and understandable terms.

Paul White, Project Manager

It all started with Skype calls in the desert

I was working in Saudi Arabia and I’d made the decision to come back to the UK. After I spoke to James Gray, I didn’t really think about contacting anybody else. I just had this good relationship. We had one or two Skype chats while I was out in Saudi to find out what I was looking for and what my skills I had. Then when I came back to the country we met up again so there was plenty of contact. The face-to-face contact was very different and it helped me get a better understanding of what James Gray could do for me. They had knowledge of the Scottish market in particular and had a good grasp of the employers that were looking to recruit at the time. They had a personal relationship with a lot of those employers so a good understanding of the market. I went into the interviews knowing quite a bit on what the companies were about and what they were looking for.

Javal Williams, Site Engineer

I got an insight that you can’t get on Google. It’s tailored to you as a person

At the start I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from James Gray but it’s been exceptionally good. They’ve been professional throughout and there when I needed a career advancement or a change of industry. They have also given me a greater knowledge into the industry; and to look at things that I might have to change, ways that I can improve myself. They asked the questions that I wouldn’t necessarily look at beforehand. I was given information on projects which wasn’t necessarily on the company’s website or locally available, so it helped me in the actual preparation and research. They focus more on the individual rather than just a number. It’s all tailored to you as a person and they are not just putting you through for the sake of doing so.

Ozy Amir, Senior Structural Engineer

They knew exactly what I was looking for. Perfect every time.

I actually get quite a few phone calls from recruiters, but having the conversation with James Gray was quite a bit different. They did homework about who I was you and where they would be looking to go with me. It wasn’t just about getting a candidate. It was about getting the right person for their client and equally getting the right client for me. I just felt they knew exactly the position I wanted to be in. They put focus on the engineering skill set that I had and it just felt they were a good judge of character. I got exactly the right job for me, and I was the right candidate for my company. The very first offer exactly the right kind, they got it absolutely perfect first time round. It’s a personal relationship that I felt comfortable with. We still discuss things quite frequently over the years.

John Gallagher, Senior Quantity Surveyor

They aren’t salesmen, it’s like coffee with a trusted friend

When I first heard from James Gray, I was happy in my role and I wasn’t looking for a move, but it was through their contact that I was able to look at a whole load of possibilities. When the time came that I wanted a change, I met for coffee and we ran through what companies would be a good match for me at that time of my career. I’ve come across a lot of people in the industry who are like salesmen, but any time that I have dealt with James Gray I have always offered the right fit for me at that time I’ve always been impressed with the knowledge and detail and of the industry that James Gray deal have. They really do their research on companies. Since the first move that I made, I’ve exclusively gone through James Gray.