Quick contractor recruitment

It can be tough to recruit contractors for critical roles at specific intervals. Our specialised contract option means you can avoid costly mistakes and delays. Contract workers are swiftly sourced and placed to give your project the best chance of success.

Without the appropriate contractors in place, errors, delays and poor team dynamics can cost a project. But securing the right person can be a challenge.

This ‘as and when’ environment is effectively met with our Contract On-Demand option. You’ll avoid the typical problems of contractor recruitment and be able to successfully complete a project on time.

How? We give you:

Contractor benefits

There’s a reason you’re sourcing contractors, and James Gray Recruitment delivers these – fast.

You’ll feel the instant impact of the contract workers proficiencies with our swift hiring process, as well as other benefits such as cost-efficiency.

Screening and compliance

The associated risks of contractors is taken off your hands – we manage this, along with compliance.

Our team carry out due diligent processes to guarantee that every single candidate will meet your specifications, and successfully deliver on your project’s aims. These include bespoke referencing and background checks, and service level agreements.

Expert support

We supply specialist contractors that your project demands – rather than ones whose skills don’t quite match up.

The positions we recruit for range from those in operations like project managers, to commercial roles such as quantity surveyors, and engineering positions.

Does your project demand the benefits of a contractor? Consult with our team today on 0141 404 3454.

Learn more about our Contract On-Demand service in our. Services Overview.