James Gray Recruitment is certified by Constructionline


Posted 10/04/2017 by Emma Blair




We are pleased to announce that James Gray Recruitment is now certified with Constructionline.


Constructionline is a register of contractors, consultants and material suppliers for the construction industry, allowing buyers to choose from a tightly controlled list of certified suppliers.


Registration with Constructionline means that we have met strict criteria based on industry and government standards, professional conduct, experience and references showing our status as a quality supplier.


Sourcing companies through Constructionline reduces administrative overhead, saving time and money by ensuring a managed, up to date list of high quality suppliers with easy access to company details including health and safety policies, insurances and environmental policies.


Thanks to our hard working staff for their tireless efforts to make sure James Gray Recruitment maintain the highest standards of quality, allowing us to achieve this certification, and to the clients that provided us with glowing references based on our past work. It’s much appreciated!





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