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Keeping your workforce up to date with training is a very important part of making sure your maintaining an effective workplace.


There is no question that keeping on top of new skills & industry developments through training is essential for both employees & employers.


Employees leaving due to their not being enough opportunity through training & development isn’t as uncommon as you would think. Research shows that a massive 40% of employees who don’t receive the necessary job training to become more effective in their role, will leave their positions within their first year. 


We found that candidates need to know, even as early as the interview stage, if training & development will be on-going in their role as it could contribute to whether they accept a position or not.


How can I improve this?


Mandate Training


This is training required when an employee first enters your office(s). Examples of this are Health & Safety or Fire Safety. Although these do not directly benefit the employee professionally, they are important to a company, ensuring that its employees are aware and trained in what to do in case of an emergency.



Personal development is one of the biggest reasons why employees want training. Why? because it's specific to just YOU. CPD (continuing professional development) is the process of developing your personal and professional skills through various methods such as interactive and independent learning. 


The benefits of CPD & PDP allow individuals to improve both personally and in their careers by demonstrating new skills and knowledge. 


Employers who encourage CDP/PDP will reap the benefits through increased loyalty, motivation and productivity. 


Coaching & Mentoring

Intimate training, between yourself & your direct line manager. Coaching is one of the most popular forms of training in organisations as it allows you to speak to someone and have one person as a point of contact to discuss issues with first.

Another reason why it is such a popular form of training is that it can help adapt individuals new to the business to the environment & culture of the workplace and guide them if they are struggling to understand an area of the business or role.



Giving your employees the chance to learn new skills or abilities without disturbing working hours can make it a very popular option for both employees and employers.


For employers, you are providing training at a fraction of the cost as a lot of training that can be offered online are free. Additionally, because it can be completed at any time, you are not having to block out large amounts of time specifically for training.


What’s important to remember is that there isn’t just one solution for everyone, try different things and see what works for your company or use a mixture of these methods. Speaking and involving your employees to find out what they would benefit from is massively important in ensuring that the training works effectively.


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