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It used to be that work benefits would most likely spell out one thing – money. Now, benefits take on a whole different meaning. From healthcare to early finishes, what an employee can offer can be the deciding factor on whether or not a person takes a job or not. We personally have had people leave jobs for the same or an even lesser salary, but overall better work benefits.

In a competitive market it’s important to remember that although we expect candidates to be able to sell themselves to companies through impressive interview answers and CV’s, it’s just as important for the employers to sell their company back to them.


So just what are the most sought-after perks?


Flexible working hours


There are so many benefits to flexible working hours, it can allow us to take our kids to school in the morning, look after a sick pet, or work from our couch when we can't make it into the office and in the last decade, the number of people who regularly work from home has increased to a whopping 4.2million.


A common misconception about flexible working is that employers would suffer from their employees not being in the office all the time, when in fact employers have noticed a positive difference in morale, engagement and loyalty. If this sounds like something for you, you won't have to look far to find somewhere that offers this. A recent survey found that 78% said their most recent or current employer offered flexible working.




Money talks, so it’s no surprise that 37% of employees still desire some form of cash bonus from their employees at least once a year. Aside from cash, bonuses can also come in the form of extra days off, holidays or vouchers. We all like to feel appreciated!


Break-out spaces


What once was believed to be a passing hipster trend has managed to wriggle its way into offices across the globe. We can become discouraged by sitting at a desk for long periods of time or by completing repetitive tasks. So by having rooms or spaces in the office dedicated to fun or chill out time has shown to increase productivity and reduce stress.


Early finish on a Friday


A long week can feel even longer when you're still in work at 6 pm on a Friday. By companies closing an hour or two early, you're allowing more time to grab a drink after work, go to the cinema with your kids or have a family dinner. Employers have benefitted from this by seeing increased productivity levels throughout the week. This is backed up by a survey that showed 26% of employees believe that an early finish would improve their motivation.


Gym memberships


One in every 7 people in the UK have a gym membership, making this a highly attractive benefit. OK, we highly doubt it would convince someone to leave their current position solely for a free gym membership, but it could be a deciding factor over another competitor.


Physical exercise has proven to be massively beneficial for both physical AND mental health, so offering free memberships can increase the well-being of your employees.



Now you know what some of the top employee benefits are, you can either start to think about the types of benefits you want in your current or next role OR if you are an employer, start implementing them and noticing the amazing effects it can have on your workforce!

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