Posted 25/01/2019 by Emma Blair

Feeling stressed and pressured into hitting targets/goals and have absolutely no idea how you're going to achieve them? We've all been there. Most of the time it's not the targets themselves but our processes that throw us off.

To make it easy for you, we've created our top five productivity secrets that will help you on your way to success! 

1. The Ivy Lee Method – Attempting to remember everything you need to do in a day in your head isn’t very effective at all. Things come up, meetings run on longer and you still have a million things to do. The only option is to stay late and overwork yourself right? wrong. In the early 1900’s Ivy Lee won recognition in the PR world by inventing a method that would double companies’ turnovers without changing much at all. It consisted of the following: A list of the 6 most important tasks you need to accomplish in order of priority, and not moving on until it is completed and productivity levels soared. How easy is that!?

2. Say no to meetings - too often we spend 2 hours in a meeting that could have been completed in 10 minutes. Avoid making meetings to have meetings and suggest a quick brainstorm and slot in a 15-minute slot and stick to it. 

3. Take frequent breaks – In any job you will need breaks, but especially if you work in an office environment. Sitting slumped at a desk all day can make you feel fatigued. When you feel like it get up and take a walk around the office or make yourself a coffee or snack, if you work on a site it might be having a 5-minute rest before getting back to it! whatever works for you.

4. Always ask questions – When you are completing your daily tasks, always ask yourself “is there a better way of doing this” if you’re not sure, ask colleagues or your line manager. This way you’ll always know you are doing the best you can to progress and improve.

5. Set yourself mini goals – We all have targets and goals at work but make some for yourself. This might sound like the worst idea ever but by giving yourself realistic mini goals, the chance of achieving them is higher. Driving your motivation and feeling a sense of achievement can highly improve your workday.

We hope you can take at least one thing away from this that you can use. Let us know and leave a comment below, we'd love to hear from you.

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