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It’s the New Year! Time for new challenges and resolutions, but you find yourself filled with dread at the thought of going back to work. The good news? It’s not unusual to feel this way. In fact, around 18% of people think about handing in their notice or leaving their job in January*. So, if you’re thinking of taking the plunge, January is probably the best time to do it.

Why is January such a popular month for moving jobs?

Spending time with family and loved ones at Christmas can make many of us reflect, giving us that much-needed push to start applying for new roles. It’s no surprise then that Job Board Monster reported their biggest day of global job search on the 4th January in 2017.

But it’s not just candidates who are looking. January has proven to be a popular month for employers who want to add to their team. The start of the year is a time where new targets are implemented, budgets are released, and new projects are starting, increasing the demand for new talent.

How to be successful in your job search?

It’s important to be proactive but choose your timing wisely. Avoid the urge to jump in and apply for every job straight away. A lot of employers take a couple of days (sometimes weeks) to settle back into a working schedule so you don’t want to go unnoticed. Our expert advice? mid to late January is the time to make your move and in the meantime – we can help you prepare.

Update your CV

Social media and video are becoming increasingly more relevant in today’s recruitment market, however, don’t underestimate how important your CV still is. Ensure your CV is being updated with your latest skills and responsibilities, that the format is clear, and it flows.


Continuing Professional Development will help you direct your career, track your goals and show where you can improve. It shows that you are actively progressing your knowledge and experience which can make you instantly more attractive to potential employers. There is a range of ways you can do this such as attending courses, workshops, and seminars.

Keep going

Searching for a new role can be tedious and time-consuming but don’t let that stop you. As recruitment consultants, we see how people can become discouraged from not getting results straight away. A career move is a serious and important step, you want to take time to figure out what’s best for you and gives you the best options. We can help you by taking care of the recruitment process for you, giving advice and talking you through every step, so you are constantly getting updated and feel in control.


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Richard Samuels
Managing Director

* Source - HR Magazine


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