Who we are and what we do

About Us


James Gray Recruitment was founded in 2006 by owner Richard Samuels. Richard wanted to move away from a one size fits all approach and believes recruitment is about building bespoke relationships. We want to add value to individuals by helping them manage their careers and work with employers where we are intrinsically linked to the growth of their businesses by recruiting the best staff. We take great pride in helping our clients prosper and watching careers develop.


We use the best of technology, with a market leading video interviewing platform available for our candidates and clients. Video can give you an edge over your competition by removing travel barriers and speed up the whole process making recruiting the right people a lot more efficient. We have also invested heavily in marketing automation and the best of CRM systems so we can reach our candidates and clients with ease and stay in touch.


We are discipline experts:
As the recruitment industry has evolved and employers are building up their own internal recruitment functions, the need for specialist recruiters rather than generalists has been clear. As a result, we have true discipline experts who have extensive networks in one core function. 

By recruiting for the same role type and networking in the same talent pool, our recruiters get known for their expertise and are able to offer our candidates the best opportunities in the market at all times.


We have a global coverage:
From our busy Glasgow head office we recruit throughout the UK and internationally. Whether we visit a major project in Kazakhstan or conduct virtual meetings through our state of the art interview platform, we are able to gain a greater understanding of the circumstances and environment.


We are accredited:
We are also corporate members of APSCo, and all our staff are fully trained and updated on relevant legislation.

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