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How to resign without burning any bridges

By Chris on March 12, 2016 in Candidates, Latest News

The time has come for you to make a change and take a new challenge.  Congratulations on getting the new job, but make sure you now resign in a professional and gracious manner.  Whatever the circumstances, it pays to resign correctly so think about it before you burn any bridges.

Here are James Gray’s top 10 tips on how to make your resignation as smooth as possible:

  1. Tell your Line Manager first – you might be bursting with excitement but be careful who you share your news with.  Don’t discuss it with colleagues until you have told your immediate supervisor or manager as they will be the ones who will be asked to provide a reference for you.
  2. Put it in writing – a verbal resignation is insufficient to end your employment contract, so make sure that you confirm all the details, including your leaving date, in writing.
  3. Give notice – don’t leave your employer high and dry trying to find a replacement for you, even if your contract doesn’t specify a notice timeline.
  4. Be gracious – if you have an exit interview, then think about what you want to say in advance.  This is a time to air your views, but remember that you want to stay on side with your boss and the company and not create obstacles to future opportunities.  Agree with your manager a positive leaving communication for staff, and thank those who you have worked with.
  5. Prepare a handover – tie up loose ends as much as possible and prepare a good handover document.
  6. Network – use your final days to gather any documents and information on contacts that belong to you.  Although be careful as to what belongs to you, and what is company property.
  7. Don’t vent anger publicly – once you have left a company, remember not to vent your anger via personal facebook and twitter accounts – you never know who might read them!
  8. Don’t go off sick – don’t leave on bad terms and go off sick rather than working your notice.  References may ask for details of your attendance record.
  9. Ask for a reference – ask your manager and any close contacts or clients you may have for a reference, including a Linkedin recommendation.  If you are leaving under a cloud then try to ask your HR department for a copy of your reference so you know what it is going to say.
  10. Don’t take things that don’t belong to you – whether stationary or sensitive company information, make sure you are careful with what you take with you.

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